Showcase Evo


Our new collection Evo is characterized by the round curves visible at the front! Inspired by the successful Soho collection, Evo is created. The soft round shapes make Evo new retro.

The cabinets from our Evo Collection are perfect to combine with each other! They have the same size and therefore form a stylish combination. The curves in the corners nicely reflect the round character of this collection.

Showcase Evo is a stunning combination of recycled teakwood with glass doors. With this showcase, you can choose the right balance in storage space and room for showpieces. Thanks to narrow display doors, the display cabinet appears even higher. Due to its two closed doors, you can also put your stuff out of sight. The measurements of showcase Evo are 220x80x40 cm.

SKU: EV 333012
Size: 220x80x40
Collection: Evo
Material: Teakwood
Color: Brown