Our Timeless collection is a hybrid of almost opposite styles: Curve and Shape have elegance and smooth shapes; Beam is thickset and sturdy. Both show off their exquisite wood to the max. All Timeless pieces are finished in black to form our Timeless Black Collection.


Both the distinctive edge and bottom side of the table top are black, slimming it down even more.


The edge of the table top slims down, causing it to look light and graceful.


Solid beams are reused to construct the Beam serie. The worn wood is full of cracks and fractures and the short edges of table tops are left with a course finish. It sets of the beauty of the old wood and matches the thick frame.

Dining table Beam’s table top is a gorgeous 8 cm thick! Strong iron legs extend into the top’s surface, subtly accenting the heavy wood. Supplement your Beam dining table with a Beam bench, available in four sizes for a perfect fit.

Our materials are supplied by nature

Wood, gorgeous mostly recycled timber from Asia, is at the heart of DTP Home. Its history has left it with stains, cracks, flaws and distinctive grains: a perfect imperfection resulting in pieces that are one of a kind. As it gets older this wood gains in warmth and character, soft and pleasant to use.

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