Recycled steel

Reuse of materials is the core of DTP Interiors. Old pipes, demolished ships and industrial waste provide steel that will make up frames, legs, doors and handles. The iron is collected in our foundry on the north coast of Java, where it is sorted, cut and melted. The resulting steel is strong with an industrial look.

Cleaning and maintenance

Recycled steel does not need any special maintenance.
• Stains can be removed with water and a soft soap.

Sometimes it can happen that dark spots appear on the welded steel. This is a reaction to the oil used in the production process of the hollow steel pipes and the primer that is under the paint layer. The oil residues are removed from the outside of the tube, but this is of course more difficult for the inside. The dark spots arise because the oil that remains in the pipes expands through the weld seams. Because this can happen over time, this problem cannot be solved during the production of the furniture.

How to resolve:
• Take the tip of a dry tea towel and rub the dark spot out of the steel with your thumb.