Reclaimed teak

There are endless variations in teak. DTP Interiors only uses the best quality, originating from ancient houses on the Indonesian island Java. It is given a second life in our pioneering collections. Teak is hardwood timber, eminently suited to fabricate furniture. Natural oils sustain the wood and provide it with character. This makes each piece different and unique. The teak whispers tales of the generations Javanese it has housed and protected.


Cleaning and maintenance

We advise no or minimal treatment of the wood.
• Water or grease stains can be removed with a sponge and water.
• Remove persistent stains with water and soap on a natural base.
• Fierce rubbing may change the colour of the furniture.
• The wood can be protected by a natural woodsealer. This will always change its look and therefore the warranty expires.
• For extra information please consult