Mortex is a decorative plaster technique based on the natural materials cement and lime. It is applied in liquid form to MDF. This is done entirely by hand, so each tabletop has a different structure. After curing, the blade is treated with a varnish which provides extra protection against dirt and grease stains. The result is a durable table with the properties of natural stone. It is waterproof and resistant to heat, tear, wear & scratch.


Cleaning and maintenance

Mortex does not require special maintenance.
• For stains and daily cleaning we advise water and a natural soft soap. This will remove greasy dirt and reduces staining.
• Take care with sharp objects.
• Attention! Strong (acid) cleaning agents, soft drinks, wine, citrus fruits and other acid substances may cause irreparable damage. Corroding into the material acid stains are light, whereas stains by grease or oily fluids have a dark colour.