Dining table Clio pepper round


Scala Collection characterizes itself by several stylish statement tables, in its design and material. Tables made of Mortex having a smooth and modern appearance: the perfect balance between functionality and refinement.

Dining table Clio is the biggest member of our Scala family! The dining table gets a robust appearance due to its thick legs and big table top. Both are made of the stunning material Mortex. But because the table has a round shape, the dining table gets a friendly look. The three round legs unite to a big column. Perfect to sit around!

Dining table Clio measures 76xØ140 cm and has a dark grey color. The table is also available in a light grey color and a rectangular shape.

Mortex is a plastering technique consisting of 95% natural product. The combination of minerals, chalk and cement make Mortex as hard as stone. Mortex is applied by hand so each top has a different structure.

SKU: SC 180764
Size: 76x140x140
Collection: Scala
Material: Mortex
Color: Pepper, Black